Benjamin T. Busch is a US-American visual artist and architect living in Berlin. A graduate of MA Spatial Strategies, Weissensee Academy of Art, his practice centers on spatial production and engages multiple formats, including video, installation, sculpture, curating and publishing.

Since 2018, he co-directs The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) together with Lorenzo Sandoval and Aouefa Amoussouvi. Busch is a 2021–22 participant of BPA// Berlin program for artists and a participant of The Whole Life Academy, part of HKW’s The Whole Life: An Archive Project.

In addition to working as an artist, Busch works as a documentary photographer and translator, and has recently worked as a project manager, 3D scanner, installation architect and arts educator. He authored Palimpsest and Material Senescence (2014), and together with Evangelos Papamatthäou-Matschke Point Blank (Munich: Reflektor M, 2016). Busch’s artwork and writing have appeared in Archinect, ArtSlant, Avant.org, Berlin Art Link, Failed Architecture, Horizonte (Bauhaus), Making & Breaking and uncube. He contributed to Lefebvre for Activists (Hamburg: adocs, 2020), co-edited OnCurating no. 31 (2016) and has co-produced a variety of publications with TIER. His German-English translations have been published by ARCH+, Distanz and HKW/Spector.