Point Blank

Point Blank, 2016
Installation with photographic light boxes (120 × 80 × 15 cm), architectural model, window lettering, flyer
Evangelos Papamatthäou-Matschke and Benjamin Busch

The site-specific installation POINT BLANK made visible persistent economic disparity between Greece and Germany, both EU and eurozone member states. It portrayed scenes of dilapidated blank billboards in the Greek landscape by means of sleek real estate showroom aesthetics, specifically modeled on speculative building projects in Munich. Visible from public space through two storefront windows, the installation remained on view at all hours of the day. POINT BLANK was made in collaboration with Evangelos Papamatthäou-Matschke and curated by Viktoria Wilhelmine Tiedeke at the exhibition space super+ CENTERCOURT in Munich.

A POINT BLANK monograph was published by Reflektor M in collaboration with 100for10 in 2016

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