Benjamin T. Busch (*1987, Kansas City) is an American visual artist and architect living in Berlin. Spanning art, architecture, curating, and writing, his work deals with the aesthetics/politics of space. His ongoing research considers spatial practice through processes of urbanization, self-organization, and the everyday, with regard to the growing role of computation across societies. Since spring 2018, Busch co-directs The Institute for Endotic Research (TIER) together with Lorenzo Sandoval. From 2012 to 2015, he co-directed the Berlin project space Staycation Museum. In addition to his artistic and research practice, Busch works professionally as an independent writer and translator, 3D specialist, architectural consultant, and documentary photographer (dokugram). He authored Palimpsest and Material Senescence (2014), and together with Evangelos Papamatth√§ou-Matschke Point Blank (Munich: Reflektor M, 2016). Busch’s artwork and writing have appeared in Archinect, ArtSlant, Avant.org, Berlin Art Link, Failed Architecture, Horizonte (Bauhaus), Making & Breaking, and uncube. He contributed to Lefebvre for Activists (Hamburg: adocs, 2020), co-edited OnCurating no. 31 (2016), and has co-produced a variety of publications with TIER.