AlgoRhythmanalysis, 2020–ongoing

AlgoRhythmanalysis (series), 2020–ongoing
Drawings, laser-engraved acrylic glass, publication series

AlgoRhythmanalysis is an approach to studying the relations between rhythms—those of the body, society, and the environment—and algorithms—sets of instructions. It seeks to make visible the routines, choreographies, and automated processes that underlie the everyday, as part of a methodology of restoring harmony within difference. It uses the techniques of rhythmanalysis combined with tools for describing (and designing) algorithms, namely their visual representation in flowcharts. At an early stage of AlgoRhythmanalysis, these charts can be used to register observed (poly)rhythms in daily life. Later on, they can be used to propose new rhythms or new arrangements of existing and/or not-yet-here rhythms—utopian polyrhythms.

Download the open-access publication AlgoRhythmanalysis No. 1: Blanca
Edited, designed, and published by Benjamin Busch

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