“Wohnungsfrage: The Housing Question Reloaded” on Berlin Art Link

Wohnungsfrage, translated as “housing question”, is the title of the first major event within the long-term 100 Years of Now project at HKW Berlin. Bernd Scherer, director of the HKW, introduced the housing question as a kaleidoscope through which the world’s greatest problems become visible. Meanwhile, an unprecedented 60 million displaced persons worldwide have been forced to flee their homes and seek refuge and safety elsewhere, raising the question of housing as such. Considering this fact, displaced people and the whole of the Global South are curiously underrepresented by the multifaceted project. Despite this glaring absence, Wohnungsfrage opens a space for questioning contemporary preconceptions about housing in general by focusing in part on the practices of four groups of social protagonists, represented in the exhibition by architectural constructions. By incorporating their diverse perspectives on the housing question, the project allows visitors to imagine the possibility of challenging the dominant economic system through alternative models of housing practice.

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