“Computational Infrastructures and the Right to the City” in Lefebvre for Activists, ed. Kollektiv Quotidien

It’s my pleasure to announce that my essay “Computational Infrastructures and the Right to the City” has been published in the volume Lefebvre for Activists, edited by Kollektiv Quotidien and released by adocs Verlag. The work departs from my concept of the “user’s right to the city” to consider affordances offered by existing computational infrastructures, and makes a call for activists to engage in the design and implementation of infrastructures as a critical way to circumvent malevolent tendencies.

The volume contains texts in German and English by Klaus Ronneberger, Christoph Schäfer, Stadt von Unten, Ulrike Hamann, Daniele Togozzi, Johanna Gilje, Uroš Pajović, Benjamin T. Busch and Elisa T. Bertuzzo, and was conceived on the 50th anniversary of Henri Lefebvre’s call for the “right to the city.”

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